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Rider Requirements

For the safety of you and our horses, we ask that: 


  • All riders wear closed toe shoes and jeans

  • Riders cannot exceed a maximum weight limit of 220lbs/99.79 kg

  • Riders under 18 must wear a helmet - you can bring your own or we will be happy to provide one for you

  • No riders under the age of 6 can ride on trail

  • Only one rider per horse (small children may not ride with an adult NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Children that are 6 & 7 years old can ride, but must be ponied by the trail guide

  • All trail rides must be accompanied by a trail guide ~ there are no unsupervised rides

  • All riders are required to sign Release Form. You can download the form below and bring it with you or fill it out when you arrive

Please Click on the PDF icon for our rider Release Form.

Please Note:

We ride to the ability of the least experienced rider in your party.   We allow walking and trotting only.  Experience is determined at your guide's discretion. This is to ensure the safety, well being, and enjoyment of all guests.


Failure to follow the instructions of your guide may result in termination of ride and no refunds shall be given.  Additonally, intentional neglect or abuse of horses may result in criminal charges as well as fines for loss of use of injured animals and their rehabilitative care being assessed to the riders or their legal guardians.  

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